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About  THORS

Carsten Thor founded THORS-DESIGN in 2002. He had bought a few pillars of Azobé wood from Korsør wharf and cut them in to wooden tiles and the result was a wooden  terrace. He loved the wood, and decided to buy the remaining 1500 cubic meters, which turned out to be a bold move. It soon became apparent, that the wood had exceptional strength and and meant that ingenious methods were required to control it.  In the following years, many different applications and products was tried and tested.​

The fundamental idea behind THORS-DESIGN’s furniture is that of upcycling. Rustic Azobé wood, sourced from decommissioned Danish wharves, is turned in to simple and stylish designer furniture. The result is bespoke, hand-made furniture with a natural Nordic feel that retains the integrity, history and natural character of the wood. The wood’s original raw look is a result of its exposure to the natural elements for more than half a century. No two pieces of wood are identical. Each piece of furniture is unique, full of character and soul.
The team behind THORS-DESIGN creates furniture with an understanding of the way that wood works and moves, incorporating its natural grooves and crevices.The reclaimed wood has been validated and certified as containing only natural oils. The furniture is virtually indestructible, with a life cycle lasting as long as the wood’s own history. All Thors-Design’s furniture can be used inside and out all year round in private homes as well as public spaces.

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THORS Products

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