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Every piece of furniture from Thors deisgn is made from reclaimed timber from decommissioned Danish harbours, that were used to ferry people across the Great Belt of Denmark.

THORS Gamma is made of recycled reclaimed wood from decomissiones Danish wharves, and is delivered with a sanded surface. Thors most often work with the lengths 1,2m, 1,5m, 1,9m, 2,5m, 3,0m, 3,5m or 4 m. The standard seat hight is 42cm, and the seat cushion is 36 x 36cm. THORS Gamma can be made to suit individually wishes.THORS Gamma can be used indoors as well as outdoors and is a very sustainable bench. The historical traces can be seen in the benches Thors make. The Gamma bench can be delivered with backrest, anmrest, glass and plant boxes.

The outer part of the Azobé wood is transported to Thors stock. On the workshop the planks is sanded and cared, and the beautifull planks are turned into a plank table. The planks that are used for a THORS Uniq table is the part of the wharve that has been in directly contact with the ferries.The structure in the surface is from spending half a century in the salt water, and getting beaten from the ferries.


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