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payment & warranty

How can I buy a product from your online store?

To buy a product, you need to specify the quantity and the color preference in “Available Colors”. Then, to add the item to your cart, simply click the "Add to cart" button. Before adding it to your cart, you need to check whether the product can be shipped to your location by clicking on the “Delivery Locations Worldwide” link.

Do you deliver your products worldwide?

We ship to most countries worldwide. To ensure that your country is among the list, you are kindly requested to click on the “Delivery Locations Worldwide” prior to purchase.

What are the payment methods accepted?

Currently, payments can made via a wire transfer to our bank account. You are kindly requested to specify your location. Upon completion, you shall receive a confirmation email with your order detail for your review. Within 48Hrs, an updated quotation including the shipping fees will be sent to you.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 48hrs of the purchase date. Any credit paid will be refunded, you will receive a wire transfer. Any cancellation made afterwards will be denied. For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

I ordered a large quantity of the same product. Will I receive it within the same period shown on the website?

If the product ordered is to be custom made, you will receive a notification email within 3 working days informing you about the expected delivery date. If you wish not to accept the new delivery period, please contact us through to cancel the order. If you do not receive an email within 3 days, your product will be delivered on time.

How do you ship your products?

Most of our products will be shipped by air. Sea freight shipping can be arranged upon request. Please send your inquiry to

What guarantees products’ authenticity?

No replicas have been ever sold over our online store. We only sell authentic pieces that come with certificate of authenticity from us or from the original manufacturer.

Do your products come with warranty?

Yes, all products come with warranty. Period of warranty depends on the product and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Designers FAQ

Who can join is open to creative, innovative and talented people, designers and artists. It is open to people who would like to showcase their work, get recognition and earn money from selling their product(s) through our website.

Can designers worldwide join The Studuo?

Yes, innovative designers from all over the world can join our community to showcase their artistic products.

Is there a fee for joining The Studuo?

There is absolutely no fee to join us.

What are the procedures and advantages related to joining The Studuo?

Joining platform means giving us the right manufacture and sell your products on our online store. Once you join as a designer, you will receive a detailed email with the agreement contract. In return, you will get a margin of profits on your selling products. Additionally, if your products sell more, your name and product will be published over our home page for a specific period.

How can I activate my profile on your website?

To activate your profile, you need to have at least one approved product. You can upload your design using the “Upload” button on your profile page. Once uploaded, your design will be processed and examined by a committee who usually decides within seven days whether to approve or reject the submitted designs. You can check the status of your submitted items through your profile page to see if it’s been approved or not. Your profile will be activated once at least one of your products gets approved.

Can I delete my profile?

You can only delete your account when you have no posted items over the website. So as long as you have a product posted, your profile cannot be deleted.

How many products can I submit at once?

You can submit as many designs as you want.

Can I remove a submitted product?

Only the site administrator has the right to delete any of the products. Once you submit a product, it cannot be removed. So as long as your item is posted and is selling, you will always benefit from it even if you decided to become inactive.

How can I specify a requirement or add information related to my product(s)?

When uploading a file, you can write your requirements or information in the “leave us a note” field.

In what format can I submit my work?

Jpeg, Tiff, Bmp, PDF and DWG are among the accepted formats. Details related to products’ submission and formats are explained in your agreement contract emailed to you once you register.

Who is the committee behind The Studuo?

The committee is a group of globally recognized and award winning designers and artists who have years of expertise in the business.

How long will the committee take to decide on a design?

The committee usually reviews and decides on submitted items within seven working days.

How will I know if my design gets accepted?

After logging into your account, you can see the list of your submitted items and their corresponding status.

Where will you manufacture my product?

Each product is treated as a project by its own. The choice of the manufacturing country depends on the complexity of the design. Some of the products will be manufactured in our Dubai based factories. Others will be manufactured in Europe.

Can I select the quality level of the manufactured item?

At, we will never compromise on quality. Only products that can be manufactured with “A” quality are selected.

Will help in selecting the appropriate material for my product(s)?

Years of expertise in the market field enable The Studuo to recommend or suggest material for your product(s). We will be involved in the material selection process if the selected material was incompatible with the design.

What will happen if a manufacturer wants to buy the royalty of a product?

The related designer will be notified and informed about the process. In our turn, we will be representing the designer in front of any manufacturer who decides to buy the royalty of any of his/her products.

How should I know if one of my products sell?

Whenever a client buys any of your products, you shall be notified by email automatically.

How will The Studuo pay me?

Whenever any of your products sells, The Studuo will transfer money to your bank account as described in the agreement form. Additionally, you shall receive a statement of account regularly showing you the balance in your account.

How will I get recognition? will help creative and innovative designers to get the recognition they deserve. will advertise your name and the bestselling product(s) through different channels and for specific periods. This section is also explained in detail in the agreement form that you will receive upon joining us.

How about copyrights?

We always recommend the Designers to have copyrights on their designs, it’s a very easy process and the fees are usually minimal.

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