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Every piece of furniture from Thors deisgn is made from reclaimed timber from decommissioned Danish harbours, that were used to ferry people across the Great Belt of Denmark.
The ferries have long since been replaced by a bridge, and through the process of upcycling, Thors Design has given the reclaimed wood a new lease of life. Thors Design create unique, vibrant and sustainable furniture that invites people to gather together and share precious moments.

Thors Uniq is made from the most exclusive planks from a harbour, using the original planks that the ferries have brushed directly against. The original nails are still in the planks. THORS Uniq is available using planks that are 6cm and 8cm in thickness and only with a rustic finish. It can be made with single and double wooden legs. The maximum length of this table is approx. 3,9 m. THORS Uniq is made with 3, 4 or 5 planks in the following widths: 0,75 m., 1,0 m. or 1,25 m.

The outer part of the Azobé wood is transported to Thors stock. On the workshop the planks is sanded and cared, and the beautifull planks are turned into a plank table. The planks that are used for a THORS Uniq table is the part of the wharve that has been in directly contact with the ferries.The structure in the surface is from spending half a century in the salt water, and getting beaten from the ferries.


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