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MAISON VALENTINA Crochet Washbasin

Not so long ago, needle craft was a skill that many women were expected to be proficient in. As mass manufacturing took hold, transforming the textile industry, very quickly, needle craft became somewhat out-dated. Maison Valentina brings this technique to life with the reinterpretation of the crochet’s techniques adapted to the modern bathroom furniture. That is how Crochet Washbasin was born, a meticulously handcrafted piece.

This distinct washbasin exhales a powerful presence in any bathroom area. It encompasses baroque and a blend of modern and traditional reference.

Drawing inspiration from the old and primitive to new and modern art, this washbasin is built with great attention to subtle detail and proportion. Brass details adorn the sinuous silhouette of this contemporary piece. The top of the basin features Estremoz marble, supported by fours legs made of polished brass.

The elegance of champagne and the warmth of crème make for an eye-catching color combination. Moreover, the design carries the artisan’s own passion and emotion for handmade work. How do you personally find this eclectic washbasin?

[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Maison Valentina]

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