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Do you remember the traditional Meccano set, the iconic construction toy? Giacolù by Zava is clearly inspired by this toy and challenges us to become designers, if only for one day.

Giacolù comes in disassembled parts and it leaves us to put it back together again, according to our own specification.

What is it?

Giacolù by Zava is a lamp, which can be assembled according to customers’ own specification.

What is special about it?

Giacolù references the iconic Meccano construction set; it encourages us to let own imagination run wild, building new designs. In fact, this lamp can become a table lamp, a lamp with an adjustable arm, a bedside lamp and even a bookstand...

How is it made?

Giacolù comes in parts, which you can then assemble according to your own specification. In the box you’ll find: wooden pieces, metal screws and bolts and a light bulb (an extremely safe low voltage -12 volt Led light), which hooks on the lamp with a magnet.

Who is it by?

Delineodesign is a design studio, which focuses on innovation and practicality.

What’s its mission?

Delineodesign aims at bringing sporting values (discipline, sacrifice, character and talent) to the world of design and by doing so, it helps to achieve veritable “design performances”. We have chosen it because... Open the box and you’ll find all you need to assemble Giacolù according to your own specification. Giacolù encourages true creativity: it’s diverting like a toy and serious like a real design project, this lamp is for old and young alike and it can make us feel, even if only for one time, the excitement of being real designer.

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