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Flammengo provides high end decorative bio ethanol fireplaces. Flammengo ethanol fireplaces can add ambiance of relaxation, warmth and coziness to your place. The fireplaces can also make your indoors and outdoors wonderfully inviting places. Their customizable colors, exquisite designs and styles that range from classical, contemporary to modern add spirit and beauty to your environs.
Flammengo provides world-class quality ethanol fireplaces. Their commitment to excellence in design and safety is translated through our designers, materials, and technologies used in making our iconic fireplaces.
Flammengo’s artistic and innovative fireplaces designs are made by talented designers leveraging the cutting-edge welding technologies. The bio ethanol fuel and finest manufacturing materials make Flammengo's ventless fireplaces safe, robust and eco-friendly. The toughened glass and stainless steel bodies along with green emissions fuel are examples of our safety and reliability standards.
When design, quality, reliability and safety count, then Flammengo bio ethanol fireplaces is your choice of eco-friendly heating.

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