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Pyramid Commerce is a bio fireplace of stylish and elegant design. Finished with highly resistant fiberglass, the glossy white base of the fireplace creates a wonderful contrast with the warm ambience of fire.
Either at a grand gala or in the comfort of one’s garden, Pyramid Commerce strikes with its charm and glamour. This portable fireplace can be easily re-arranged and blended into any unique design and the commerce burner technology prevents fuel leakage, even when the fireplace is pushed over.


  • Size:

    W40cm x H158.5cm x D40cm

    Special Features:

    • Commerce* Technology
    • Portable unit
    • No smell / no ash / no smoke
    • Intuitive control
    • No additional installation
    • No additional ventilation required
    • No chimney required
    • For indoor / outdoor use

    Technical Data:

    • Capacity: 1,5 L / [US] 0,39 gal / [UK] 0,33 gal
    • Burning time: 3 - 7* h
    • Heat output: 2,5 kW / 8547 BTU
    • Net weight: 18 kg / 40 lbs
    • Air circulation: min. 1/h


    • CASING: fibreglass polyester laminate white gloss (RAL 9010), glass tub
    • BURNER: Stainless Steel


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