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About  B-LINE

B-LINE has been manufacturing contract and home furniture since 1999.
The Company was set up when the founder decided to start remanufacturing a number of historic icons, such as the Boby trolley, the Multichair transformable armchair by Joe Colombo, the 4/4 low table/bookcase and the Boomerang armchair by Rodolfo Bonetto. Thanks to these re-editions, the B-LINE company became established and subsequently extended its catalogue to include a selection of furniture and furnishing accessories with different, versatile functions, made appropriate use of materials and integrated cutting-edge technology with skilled craftsmanship.
Over the years the brand has gained considerable popularity across the world and is exported to 5 continents, also due to the Company’s collaboration with internationally renowned designers.

85% of the entire B-LINE production takes place within a radius of 40 km from the headquarters, achieving an obvious reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions deriving from transport.
B-Line consider it their priority to create products that will last through time, to provide the choices of clients with value, and to avoid consumption of raw materials deriving from their early obsolescence and replacement. The technology adopted and the use of materials with high standards of quality make it possible for B-Line to attain these objectives.
Most of B-Line products are made from monomaterial: it follows that, when the time comes they will be easily recyclable. Those manufactured in multiple materials are designed to be easily dismantled for easy recycling.
Even the outer packing is also in monomaterial, non-harmful and easily recyclable.
Clients who choose B-LINE, share the company philosophy and intend applying it first-hand in all the small gestures of daily life.


B-LINE Products

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