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Steps is a fresh take on a classic chevron pattern with a raked texture and 4 beautiful finishes. Each individual piece is hand finished with European waxes and artisan glazing techniques. Like steps of a dance composition, this collection is not just about the individual pieces, but how you put them together to create the effect. The movement in this pattern allows it to be installed horizontally or vertically and the pattern proportion can be customized easily through creative installation.



    • Field Sizes:
      Variations surfacing is 5/8”engineered tiles. 9 ply Baltic-birch substrate with a 4 mm wear layer of Plain White Oak.
      Pattern: 18″ X 3.5″.
    • Usage/Installations:

      Wall or ceiling application for residential or commercial. Glue-down installation. Not acceptable for wet areas.

      Additional Info:
      Nine-ply Baltic Birch substrate. Wear layer is 5/16”. Finished in Rubio® Monocoat’s no VOC hard oil based stain. Also available unfinished.

    • Finish: Hard Oil wax:                                                                    Special Care and hand craftsmanship is taken in preparing the color and texture of every Variation stain option

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