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Oracle is a tactile modular meeting solution for open-plan spaces. The ‘room within a room’ booth provides an informal semi-private comfortable meeting space for activity based workers. With its versatile configurations it can be used as a quiet harbor to get away from your desk, or as a meeting/collaboration space for 2-6 occupants.

The high back design creates the sense of a mini-environment acting as a divider from the outside world, we have also added a porthole vision feature that enables you to discreetly see if the booth/pod is occupied.
Also included within the range are a number of work surfaces/desk tops (along with provision for power) that can be substituted for sofa elements to provide hot desking or touchdown spaces for transient workers.

Oracle is constructed of steel inner frame covered by hard injection fireproof foam padding.Benches and connection panels are made with an internal multilayer beechwood structure, cover by high density poliurethane foam.Aluminum feet; steel legs or mdf table leg available for bench version.


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