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Each size of the starburst has a different colored agate; use all three colors as a trio, pick your favorite and run it down a console or mantel, or tuck them in bookcases. The acrylic base and hand-applied gold leaf finish enhance the jewelry aspect of these tabletop sculptures. Agate is a natural stone, so the sizes and colors may vary.


    • Finishes : 

        Gold Leafed Metal/Natural Agate/Clear Acrylic



    • External Dimension (Approx)  :                                                            Small - W: 17 x H: 23 x D: 10 cm

        Medium - W: 20 x H: 29 x D: 10 cm

        Large  - W: 27 x H: 37 x D: 10 cm 


  • Arteriors

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