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Windsor punches up a classic weave inspired by woolen menswear fabrics using embedded nailheads and color­ stain inlays. An industry first, Jamie Beckwith Collection pioneered the manufacturing technique to marry nailheads with wood surfacing. These hand‐applied metal accents of Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Smoke, and Matte Gold dress six stains for a mix of classic warmth and urban cool.



    • Field Sizes:

    All Couture surfacing is 5/8”engineered tiles. 9 ply Baltic-birch substrate with a 4 mm wear layer of Quarter Swan White Oak. Pattern: 7″ X 7″. Nailheads: 1” dia.

    • Usage/Installations:

    Wall or ceiling application for residential or commercial. Glue-down installation. Not acceptable for wet areas.

    • Additional Info:

    Nine-ply Baltic Birch substrate. Wear layer is 5/16”. Finished in Rubio® Monocoat’s no VOC hard oil based stain. Also available unfinished.

    • Finishes:Hard Oil Wax

    Special care and hand craftsmanship is taken in preparing the color and texture of every Couture stain option. Blanc is a white wax finish applied to the grains of smoked quarter-sawn white oak woods. Gris, Noisette, Doré and Rouge finishes utilize a fumed proprietary process to our special cuts of white oak before European hard oil waxes are applied. The depths of Noir, by contrast, are achieved via a sequence of black waxes over quarter-sawn grains. Both beautiful and durable, all our protective wax finishes are suitable for high-performance installations.

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