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Stripped of decorative charms and essential in finishes, Driyos has a rigorous look, characterized by clean geometric lines. Driyos self-expresses its strong personality by its shape and its unusual suspension system, which allows you to wrap part of the cable in order to adjust the height of the lamp in a simple way, according to your needs.
Driyos comes in either Blue steel or painted outer shell. Inside color in White. Silver, Gold, Copper leaf inside is available on special request.
Cable comes in 2m length, cable color as per the color chart. Please check the product info below.
Driyos is available with E27 or LED lamp holder.


  • Unit Size: 

    • Driyos 1, Diam 37cm x H 20cm
    • Driyos 2, Diam 50cm x H 28cm
    • Driyos 3, Diam 21cm x H 21cm
    • Driyos 4, Diam 30cm x H 27cm

    Lamp Type:

    Driyos 1 & 3:

    • E27 Max 1x100 W
    • 1x7W Ø42mm 220Vac 4000K 480Lm o 3000K 430Lm En. class A

    Driyos 2 & 4:

    • E27 Max 1x100 W
    • 1x11W Ø55mm 220Vac 4000K 760Lm o 3000K 675Lm En. class A

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