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CHEO is the perfect ceiling lamp for illuminating dining room tables, living rooms and hallways. CHEO’s body projects light on both sides but in different ways: it ’s light beam is strong but non-invasive on the lower side and soft and warm towards the ceiling.
Cheo comes in 6 different sizes: 40, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180cm.


  • Unit Size: 

    • W40, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180cm x H 2.5cm x D17cm

    Lamp Type:

    • 40cm: 1x21,6W 220V 4000k 2160Lm o 3000K 2052Lm En. class A

    • 60cm: 1x36W 220V 4000k 3600Lm o 3000K 3420Lm En. class A

    • 90cm: 1x57,6W 220V 4000k 5760Lm o 3000K 5472Lm En. class A

    • 120cm: 1x79,2W 220V 4000k 7920Lm o 3000K 7524Lm En. class A

    • 150cm: 1x108W 220V 4000k 10800Lm o 3000K 10260Lm En. class A

    • 180cm: 1x129W 220V 4000k 12900Lm o 3000K 12255Lm En. class A

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