About  JESSE

The production is 100% made in Italy, in the same place where the company was founded in the early twentieth century and where the headquarters, the factory and the showroom are always located. The inspiration draws however from ideas coming from the major European and American cities.

The way they work, attentive to detail, elegance and modernity, forms the basis of Jesse's growth. They chose to be global and international also in the distribution, that’s why they are present with numerous showrooms worldwide and with flagship stores especially in the US.

Jesse's history begins in the 1920s with the production of furnishings for schools, the first of this epoch. In the 1950s we we have established ourselves in the Italian manufacturers of home furniture and after reaching the maximum expansion around the '70s, so they decided to expand their market to Europe.
Hence the beginning of meetings with important European designers and the ambition, achieved in the 90s to export their furnishings to the United States. In 2008 a new showroom was created in the company's headquarters.
From September 2017, in order to meet the new international challenges, the company joins Mezzalira Investment Group Spa, together with Sinetica Industries (office furniture) and Rotaliana (lighting), this in order to join a single pole of Italian companies with a high quality design furnishings, the purpose is to offer a more complete range of products and solutions together with the creation of synergies in production, management and distribution, this is useful in enhancing the individual Brand of Group companies. Today Jesse export their “Made in Italy” in more than 80 Countries all over the world together with complete design solutions for every environment home, office, horeca, contract. Jesse's strength is the passion, their goal is to create value for their customers.


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