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Hexagonal shaped tiles, individually simple, but when fit together form a complex honeycomb. Hive creates an elemental effect, an efficiency and perfection found only in nature. The pattern seems to radiate from each individual piece, in an organic fashion.


    • Field Size:
      All Enigma® flooring is 5/8” engineered flooring , 9 ply Baltic-birch substrate with a 4mm wear layer.
      Pattern: 7.7942 x 6.7500”.
    • Usage/Installation:

      Floor, wall or ceiling application for residential or commercial. Glue-down installation. Not acceptable for wet areas.

      Additional Info:
      Nine-ply Baltic Birch substrate. Wear layer is 5/16”. Finished in Rubio® Monocoat’s no VOC hard oil based stain. Also available unfinished. Custom patterns and stains available upon request.

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