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“Ad’dhad” modern coasters from WASF celebrate Arabic Language with its differentiating phonology. It introduces Arabic ‘s extremely unusual sound letter ض  ḍād . Arabic grammarians describe Arabic language as the لغة الضاد lughat aḍ-ḍād "the language of ḍād", since the sound was thought to be unique to Arabic. 
We chose with this coasters collection the emphasizing Shadda & the Dhamma:
-Dhamma ضَمَّة is a small curl-like diacritic placed above a letter to represent a short “u”. For example: ضُ du.
-Shadda شَدَّة shaped like a small written Latin “w". It is used to indicate emphasis or extra length when written above the consonant to be doubled.
Each set of 2 coasters comes in either stainless steel or brass, polished or brushed finish.


  • Size: 10cm x 10cm

    Each set comes with 2 coasters from the same color.


    • Stainless Steel, Polished or Brushed
    • Brass, Polished or Brushed
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